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Big Talk

Who are The Downtalkers?

The Downtalkers are a hot, new indie-rock band based in the Ottawa area. They specialize in a unique balance of Fuzzed, aggressive Guitars, sparkling synths and Pop sensibilities. Their influences include artists such as Kaiser Chiefs, Blur and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The band currently consists of five members, combining the talents of lead singer and guitarist Donovan Smith, singer and bassist Gabe Leahy,  Keyboardist James Leahy and drummer Ben Powell. Their fifth member, Ethan Castrucci, joined them after the recording of their album to help even out the lineup – and free them up to experiment even more with their sound and music.           

History of the Band

The prototype four member line-up emerged in the year of 2018 from the ruins of a previous band. Wasting no time, they recorded several demos and began playing live shows.

During the summer of 2018, the band wrote and recorded half of a concept album in Donovan’s basement. They eventually scrapped all the summer recordings except for their first single ‘Lavender Bites’.

Moving on from the paused album, the band continued to take gigs across Ottawa. They would often appear alongside other local bands. Around this time they gained the attention of producer, and member of local band ‘No Hits’, Robert Velluso. He agreed to help them re-record their debut album, and the band’s second single ‘Heart over Head’ was released in April of 2019.

The album itself is due to be released on May 24 under the name Carelessness & Callousness etc.

What Comes Next?

The Downtalkers still play live shows all over Ottawa, oftentimes teaming up with other local bands. You can find out about these shows either on their instagram (@thedowntalkers), or through their Facebook 

All of their music is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play under the name The Downtalkers.


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