We All Fall Down

The Phantasm

Have you ever felt apathetic? Like you just wanted to put your responsibilities on pause and wallow?

If you have, you may soon become The Phantasm.

We’ve tried all the classic methods to ward ghosts; rituals, tokens, notices of eviction.

It won’t work. The Phantasm doesn’t care.

And the bill for those high-powered vacuum modifications is still hurting our wallets

The Psyche-Illiterate

The quest for self discovery is a daunting subject… so we decided to put a spin on it.

Who are The Psyche-Illiterate?

That’s the question. It can be very hard to distinguish yourself. The much easier option is to lose direction and melt into a faceless crowd of people who don’t know who they are

And that is The Psyche-Illiterate.

The Oracle

Have you ever heard that voice in your head that is always willing to let you know when you’ve screwed up, but is never forthcoming with productive solutions?

The Oracle‘s lips are sealed when you need answers.

We’ve begged for even a scrap of advice, and received nothing but silence in return.

Benevolence may be the intention behind The Oracle‘s commentary.

But if there were a pro league for casting stones, they’d be an all-star.

The Butcher God

Occasionally in the heat of passion, a person can develop a variety of rage that seems completely uncharacteristic of their usual behavior.

The Butcher is indiscriminate.

When they take control, you can see something change in a person’s eyes.

Behind their eyes, The Butcher hides.

Anyways somebody had to take on the ancient malevolent deity, so why not everyone’s favourite Hardcore Synthpop band?

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